First Speaker for RAUMWELTEN secured!

With the title "Vermessen! Maß und Maßlosigkeit in der Rauminszenierung" (free translation “measure and excessiveness in interior design”) the RAUMWELTEN 2019 will take place in November this year in Ludwigsburg and the Film- and Medienfestival gGmbH just secured their first Keynote Speaker Greg Lynn! The american architect is considered one of the 10 most influential architects alive by the Forbes Magazin!

When: 13th-151h November 2019

This month's TechTalk "Let there be light... and color"

The next TechTalk organized by the FILMAKADEMIE Baden-Württemberg, the HOCHSCHULE DER MEDIEN, the MEDIA SOLUTION CENTER and AMCRS and by the FILM COMMISSION STUTTGART will take place 25th this month and we are happy to be hearing the talks this time from Volker Helzle and Jonas Trottnow from the Filmakademie as well as from Jan Fröhlich from the HdM.

All tech interested people (and nerds) are welcome, no need to sign up, but make sure to come early as there are only so many seats. There is a bar where you can get a cool drink and there will also be some snacks afterwards.

When: 25th Juni from 6:30 pm

Where: Das Gutbrod Friedrichstrasse 10

Also be aware that when you participate in this event you agree to be filmed and photographed.



Watch how our Heroes MACKEVISION and their gifted CGI experts managed to highlight the innovative features of the electric WELTMEISTER SUV EX5 in a very icy way!

The global team produced 2 product feature videos and 2 full CG teasers, 4 key visuals, 38 product feature images and the WebGL visualizer in merely 7 weeks, including live action shooting in Serbia.

Read the full case here:…/weltmeister-driven-by-passion/

HdM working on a Museum for digital natives

The Ministry for Science, Research and Art (MWK) of Baden-Württemberg is funding the project MUSEUM FOR DIGITAL NATIVES to find new ways of how to animate people to visit the museum. So the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and the Naturkundemuseum are working closely with the Hochschule der Medien on interactive exhibition experiences. With Artification and Gamification the visitors will soon be able to explore the museum with using their smartphones. One of the VR Games was already made available during the ITFS at the beginning of May: “Abgetaucht - Ein Fischlernspiel” is a VR Experience developed by students of the HdM and pupils from the Ludwig Uhland Gymnasiums in Kirchheim Teck.

More information

HdM with first Symposium for UUX

The first symposium for MISSION UUX - Usability and User Experience - takes place this month and shows all the different perspectives like future of labour and artificial intelligence, innovation, virtual cooperations, robotics and so on. The Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) is hosting this event and the Hochschule der Medien is directing the 16 institutions present on that day.

The event is for free but please register here.
More information

When: 18. June 2019, 9am - 5pm
Where: Nordakademie, Köllner Chaussee 11, 25337 Elmshorn

FILMAKADEMIE students need you!

For a film project the students of the FILMAKADEMIE BADEN-WüRTTEMBERG are looking for people to take part in DIE NUMMER SICHER. The shortfilm will be about “little red riding hood and the big bad wolf” and people will debate until the wolf comes and nobody really knows anymore what the discussion is about. The students will be very happy if you can join in and they will reward you with drinks and snacks!

When: 15th and 16th June 2019

Where: Schwaben Bühne Asperg




Ein Filmakademie-Projekt braucht eure Unterstützung: Im Kurzfilm DIE NUMMER SICHER läuft eine hitzige, divers geführte Debatte um den Wolf immer mehr aus dem Ruder, bis am Ende keiner mehr so richtig weiß, was Fakt und was Märchen ist. Damit im wunderschönen Saal der Schwaben-Bühne in Asperg auch debattiert werden kann, braucht das Filmteam euch. Ob im Hintergrund oder an vorderster Diskutierfront:

DREHZEITRAUM: 15.06. & 16.06.2019
ORT: Schwaben-Bühne, Asperg
WER: alle zwischen 20 und 80 Jahren

Da es sich um ein studentisches Projekt handelt, gibt es zwar keine Gage, aber für das leibliche Wohl ist gesorgt. Für die An- und Abreise erhaltet ihr außerdem dank einer Kooperation mit dem VVS ein kostenloses Ticket.

Das Filmteam freut sich auf das kleine Experiment, das nur mit eurer Unterstützung stattfinden kann. Also meldet euch bei der o.a. E-Mail-Adresse!

Noch ein paar Worte zum Inhalt des Films:
Die PR-Aktion eines Laientheaters für das Stück "Rotkäppchen und der böse Wolf" geht nach hinten los und lässt ein ganzes Dorf glauben, der echte Wolf sei wieder da. Als sich die Politik einschaltet, konkurriert eine Wahlkampfveranstaltung zum Thema Sicherheit mit der Premiere der Theatergruppe, wodurch sich Märchen und Realität immer mehr vermischen.


This week the VES MEGABRAIN Masterclass Vol. 3 takes place in London, supported by SideFX Software, 3DEQUALIZER and FOUNDRY. Register now to be a part of this and tune in to the the keynotes by Head of Research & Development Department at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Volker Helzle and Pipeline TD at ARRI Jonas Kugler!

When: 12th June 2019 at 7pm CEST

Register here